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Growing up with a weak emotional support system and struggling with a low sense of self-worth, I've dedicated much of my adult life to self-improvement. Countless self-development books, educational pursuits, and retreats filled my pursuit of personal growth. Climbing the corporate ladder may have brought outer success, but deep down, I battled with a lack of confidence and a relentless inner critic.


Everything changed when I discovered the transformative power of the Positive Intelligence program. It helped me develop unwavering confidence and provided clarity, the ability to set stronger boundaries, and much more. Empowered by this life-changing experience, I became a certified coach, fueled by a burning passion for helping others tap into their confidence and rise to their full potential.


In my coaching sessions and workshops, I foster a positive, dynamic environment that encourages open communication and collaboration. I understand the importance of authentic sharing and positive momentum, and my warm approach ensures that clients feel comfortable and supported throughout their journey.

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Tune in below to learn more about my approach to quieting the inner critic and cultivating confidence with thought leaders Richard Vickers and Steve Ramona.

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